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Hi, The mac version is coming along nicely. I’m quite satisfied about it I’ve began the iOS version too, with working sync with Mac version. The iOS version will run on iOS 6 on all the devices. The App will works on iOS 6 because there are a lot o … Continue reading

Library Hunter: Why Dropbox and not iCloud?

You’re asking me frequently “why Library Hunter uses Dropbox instead of iCloud?”. I’ll try briefly to answer… Library Hunter uses CoreData to managed the database. CoreData’s sync over iCloud was announced at WWDC 2011, I was really excited about it. But the sync didn’t work, the APIs were too simple, … Continue reading

Hunter Suite and Hunter Touch updated

Hi I’ve update the software on Mac and iOS. Hunter Suite The last version of Hunter Suite fixed a few bugs with Moutain Lion and introduced support to sync with iPhone 5 and iPad 3. DVD Hunter Book Hunter Game Hunter Hunter Touch This version of Hunter Touch requires iOS … Continue reading

Hunter Touch – Minimum iOS version supported

Hi, I’ll update Hunter Touch to fix a few bugs with iOS 6 and to support the new iPhone 5 screen (without the letter box). The new Xcode doesn’t support anymore iOS 4.2 and earlier, so I’ll and to drop they’re support. If you’ve got a device with iOS 4.3 … Continue reading

Library Hunter – Good News

Hi, The development is proceeding of Library Hunter continues and I’ve finally some good news I’ve completed the first version with working sync. I’ll have to insert some decent error management and conflict detection, but the data are finally syncing The sync of Library Hunter uses Dropbox. This solution is … Continue reading

Hunter Suite – 1.1.27

Hi. I’ve relased an update for Hunter Suite. This version fixes a few issues with Mountain Lion and correct a problem in smart-list with dates. Book Hunter DVD Hunter Game Hunter

Hunter Touch – 1.5.4

I’ve released a small update for Hunter Touch. Bug fixed: covers not imported when syncing with mac

Recovering from attack

Hi I’m back, at least partially. Thursday my website has been attacked and the content of database deleted. Right now I’m not able to recover post and previous content… Never trust your hosting provider for your backup, they will be to slow to recover it. Now I’ve learned my lesson … Continue reading