Library Hunter for iOS

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Have you ever forgot if you already have a Book or a Movie while shopping? Library Hunter will solve that. You can catalog all your movies, books, games and music albums.. and you’ll have your collection always with you. If you’ve got more than a iOS Device or a Mac you can sync everything via iCloud.

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You’ve got more than a Mac or an iOS Device. Great, you don’t have to worry about that… Library Hunter will keep everything in sync. The sync works has no problems with firewalls and is completely automatic. Turn it on and your collection will be updated everywhere right where you need it.

Manage medias directly on iOS

You’re shopping and find too many movies or books you’ll want to buy? Save them directly in Library Hunter right there in the shop… You can even take a photo of the cover.
Library Hunter let you add, edit and manage your stuffs even if you don’t have a Mac.


You’ve just finished a great book or movie… Let you friend know about that, share on social with one click. But then your friend will want to borrow it, that’s great share the books, music or games you loved. Library Hunter can manage borrow and lending… You’ll never forget who loaned your stuffs, even if they keep them for a few years.


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