Library Hunter – Good News


The development is proceeding of Library Hunter continues and I’ve finally some good news :)
I’ve completed the first version with working sync. I’ll have to insert some decent error management and conflict detection, but the data are finally syncing :)

The sync of Library Hunter uses Dropbox. This solution is much more flexible than old wifi-sync:

  • Automatic: all your modification will be pushed and downloaded automatically
  • Backup: you can reconstruct your library using only the info saved on Dropbox
  • Network: You don’t need to have the syncing devices on the same network
  • Firewall and routers: You’ll not have problems with firewalls and routers.
  • Lists: You can sync also lists, smart-lists and folders.
  • Support for both iOS and Mac: The same code works on both mac and iOS. (Ok this is an advantage only for me :p)


I’m not testing Library Hunter publicly yet, but I’d like to have more feedback on it (especially on the sync feature right now). So I’m looking for 4 beta-testers… To be a tester you:

  • must have a dropbox account (Update: you don’t need the Dropbox app installed)
  • must have 2 or more mac with Mountain Lion
  • will have to write bug reports in English on the online bugtracker

If you want to test Library Hunter you can write me by mail, twitter or leave a comment to this post.