Hunter Suite and Hunter Touch updated


I’ve update the software on Mac and iOS.

Hunter Suite

The last version of Hunter Suite fixed a few bugs with Moutain Lion and introduced support to sync with iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Hunter Touch

This version of Hunter Touch requires iOS 4.3 or later..

This update fixed problem with iOS 6, and inserted support for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina (you’ll not see the pixellated UI elements anymore).

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Hunter Touch – Minimum iOS version supported


I’ll update Hunter Touch to fix a few bugs with iOS 6 and to support the new iPhone 5 screen (without the letter box).
The new Xcode doesn’t support anymore iOS 4.2 and earlier, so I’ll and to drop they’re support.
If you’ve got a device with iOS 4.3 and later you’ll have to problems at all, if you’ve got an older device download Hunter Touch now and keep a backup copy of the app.

Sorry for the problem.


Hunter Touch – 1.5.4

I’ve released a small update for Hunter Touch.

Bug fixed: covers not imported when syncing with mac

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