News, Facebook and survey


The mac version is coming along nicely. I’m quite satisfied about it :)

I’ve began the iOS version too, with working sync with Mac version. The iOS version will run on iOS 6 on all the devices.
The App will works on iOS 6 because there are a lot o new APIs, which will allow me to have a better UI and a faster software.

I’ve created the facebook page too JoelAres.Software

There is one last thing, I’m trying to optimize the UI for the most useful/common usage profile of Library Hunter. I need to know how many lists you’ve got in the Hunter Suite? You use them to organize all your movies & books in small group? Or you search the library and have only a few lists?

You can answer here in comment or on the survey published on the facebook page.


Happy Halloween.

Joël & Spooky

Library Hunter: Why Dropbox and not iCloud?

You’re asking me frequently “why Library Hunter uses Dropbox instead of iCloud?”. I’ll try briefly to answer…

Library Hunter uses CoreData to managed the database.

CoreData’s sync over iCloud was announced at WWDC 2011, I was really excited about it. But the sync didn’t work, the APIs were too simple, the documentation non existent and the forum threads ignored…

At WWDC 2012 the sync of CoreData over iCloud was announced again. This year the API are much more complex, the sample code more detailed and the documentation exists. The sync worked but wasn’t reliable, too many changes were lost.

I was really annoyed by all the problems. The sync is an important feature for Library Hunter, so I decided to ignore iCould sync and develop a solution based on Dropbox. When iCloud will become reliable I’ll try to add it as an additional sync option.


Hunter Suite and Hunter Touch updated


I’ve update the software on Mac and iOS.

Hunter Suite

The last version of Hunter Suite fixed a few bugs with Moutain Lion and introduced support to sync with iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Hunter Touch

This version of Hunter Touch requires iOS 4.3 or later..

This update fixed problem with iOS 6, and inserted support for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina (you’ll not see the pixellated UI elements anymore).

Download from App Store

Hunter Touch – Minimum iOS version supported


I’ll update Hunter Touch to fix a few bugs with iOS 6 and to support the new iPhone 5 screen (without the letter box).
The new Xcode doesn’t support anymore iOS 4.2 and earlier, so I’ll and to drop they’re support.
If you’ve got a device with iOS 4.3 and later you’ll have to problems at all, if you’ve got an older device download Hunter Touch now and keep a backup copy of the app.

Sorry for the problem.


Library Hunter – Good News


The development is proceeding of Library Hunter continues and I’ve finally some good news :)
I’ve completed the first version with working sync. I’ll have to insert some decent error management and conflict detection, but the data are finally syncing :)

The sync of Library Hunter uses Dropbox. This solution is much more flexible than old wifi-sync:

  • Automatic: all your modification will be pushed and downloaded automatically
  • Backup: you can reconstruct your library using only the info saved on Dropbox
  • Network: You don’t need to have the syncing devices on the same network
  • Firewall and routers: You’ll not have problems with firewalls and routers.
  • Lists: You can sync also lists, smart-lists and folders.
  • Support for both iOS and Mac: The same code works on both mac and iOS. (Ok this is an advantage only for me :p)


I’m not testing Library Hunter publicly yet, but I’d like to have more feedback on it (especially on the sync feature right now). So I’m looking for 4 beta-testers… To be a tester you:

  • must have a dropbox account (Update: you don’t need the Dropbox app installed)
  • must have 2 or more mac with Mountain Lion
  • will have to write bug reports in English on the online bugtracker

If you want to test Library Hunter you can write me by mail, twitter or leave a comment to this post.



Hunter Suite – 1.1.27


I’ve relased an update for Hunter Suite.

This version fixes a few issues with Mountain Lion and correct a problem in smart-list with dates.

Book Hunter
DVD Hunter
Game Hunter

Hunter Touch – 1.5.4

I’ve released a small update for Hunter Touch.

Bug fixed: covers not imported when syncing with mac

Download from App Store

Recovering from attack


I’m back, at least partially.

Thursday my website has been attacked and the content of database deleted.
Right now I’m not able to recover post and previous content… Never trust your hosting provider for your backup, they will be to slow to recover it.
Now I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be an additional backup solution for database.

The content of website will be back? Of course I’ll will insert part of old content back asap…. But I’ll now recreate the whole old content, because I was planning to change it. So it’ll be wasting my time to recreate the old content that I’m planning to replace.