Library Hunter is Back!

Library Hunter Icon Mac v7

After years of completely abandon… I’m back working on Library Hunter 😀 ! And the missing update is finally available.

Both Mac and iOS versions are freely available on App Stores. The updated apps work on Mac os El Capitan and iOS 9.

In 3 years a lot of things changed. The UI on iOS has been completely modified, dropping all the bushed metal texture to get a more elegant and clean look 😉 . You can see that also the App icon get the new look.

But the most important news of this update isn’t the UI. The sync has completely been rewritten, moving from Dropbox to iCloud. The new sync is much faster, reliable and works super easily (you only need to have an iCloud account). Your movies, books, games and music will be immediately pushed on all your devices as soon as you add or modify them.

Get both iOS and Mac App right Now. And tell me if you like them, and what features you’ll like to have :) .

Download from App StoreMacAppStore

Importing from Hunter Suite

If you’re still using DVD, Book or Game Hunter (that stopped working with El Capitan) you can easily import all your data in Library Hunter. The import should start automatically, but if it doesn’t you can launch it manually. Finding the old database folder could be a little bit tricky because the “Library” folder is hidden on Mac OS.

  1. Locate the database of the Hunter Suite you want to import. The default paths are
    DVD Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter/
    Book Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Book_Hunter/
    Game Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Game_Hunter/
  2. Select the “Go to folder” command of Finder (Cmd + shift + G)
  3. Copy and paste your database path into the command window
  4. Right click on the database file and select “Open with…” Library Hunter