Library Hunter is Back!

After years of completely abandon… I’m back working on Library Hunter 😀 ! And the missing update is finally available.

Both Mac and iOS versions are freely available on App Stores. The updated apps work on Mac os El Capitan and iOS 9.

In 3 years a lot of things changed. The UI on iOS has been completely modified, dropping all the bushed metal texture to get a more elegant and clean look 😉 . You can see that also the App icon get the new look.

But the most important news of this update isn’t the UI. The sync has completely been rewritten, moving from Dropbox to iCloud. The new sync is much faster, reliable and works super easily (you only need to have an iCloud account). Your movies, books, games and music will be immediately pushed on all your devices as soon as you add or modify them.

Get both iOS and Mac App right Now. And tell me if you like them, and what features you’ll like to have :) .

Download from App StoreMacAppStore

Importing from Hunter Suite

If you’re still using DVD, Book or Game Hunter (that stopped working with El Capitan) you can easily import all your data in Library Hunter. The import should start automatically, but if it doesn’t you can launch it manually. Finding the old database folder could be a little bit tricky because the “Library” folder is hidden on Mac OS.

  1. Locate the database of the Hunter Suite you want to import. The default paths are
    DVD Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter/
    Book Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Book_Hunter/
    Game Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Game_Hunter/
  2. Select the “Go to folder” command of Finder (Cmd + shift + G)
  3. Copy and paste your database path into the command window
  4. Right click on the database file and select “Open with…” Library Hunter
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14 reazioni a Library Hunter is Back!

  1. MrGreen ha scritto:

    The App ist great, I used Dvd Hunter for years and waited such a long time, now the update ist hear and I am happy, but not happy enough cause there are many features deleted which I used very often.

    Some Features I wish and abnormalities I found are listed below:

    Mac App: (I am using El Capitan v10.11.2)
    – CPU usage is in the first minute, after the start, about 40-90% and gives no response(Core2Duo)
    – In Edit View of an element, a “next element” button for faster editing and/or the separated Window of Edit View and the Library View to switch per click on element, without leaving the Edit View
    – Autocomplete function by using links or EAN in IMDb, ofdb, Amazon …
    – Library export function to export to Numbers, Pages etc.

    iOS App: (I am using iPhone 6s iOS v9.2.1)
    – Edit function of available elements
    – Sort by function
    – Search function
    – Switch between Cover and List view
    – EAN scan function also used by Amazon App
    – Library export function to export to Numbers, Pages etc.

  2. midmodern ha scritto:

    Great news, just downloading to try it again !

  3. Christian ha scritto:

    Really great Apps, I use them for years and hopefully years to come. Some things on my wishlist:

    Mac App:

    – Size of window is not saved and after every startup I have to resize the window to my needs. No big deal, but a bit uncomfortable
    – Autocomplete using EAN / ISBN, as said before
    – Sync via iCloud sounds great, but doesn’t sync the covers from Mac to iOS – stragely it DOES sync from iOS to Mac. This is a very important feature for me
    – Printing / Export to PDF

    iOS App:

    – Search
    – List view (as the old App has it)

    Well, thats pretty it for me. Very, very nice App. Ah, for the developers underneath us: I am using a iMac (27″ Late 2012, Core i5) with 10.11.3 and an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2.1.

    P.S.: Feel free to contact me if you need help with the german translation of your Apps 😉



    • Joël ha scritto:

      I’m still working on the cover sync problem. It seems that the cover are still waiting to be uploaded to iCloud.

  4. branok76 ha scritto:

    Hi Joel, good news. :)

    I agree with previous, though my covers were synced from Mac to iOS without any problems.

    I’m also missing Search, List view, Sort on iOS, “Date Created” field to sort by date I bought DVDs, Autocomplete plugins, saving window size etc. in Mac App.

    But anyway thanx for app!

  5. Denis ha scritto:

    Dear Joel

    I try to install the new LibHunter from appstore but the installation seems to fail
    don’t understand what happend !
    OS 10.11.3

    best regards


    • Joël ha scritto:

      Hi. You should try to remove the old App (the copy not from store) and install it again, there might be some conflicts in signature. Only thrashing the App will not remove your data.

  6. Jean-Charles ha scritto:

    Buona sera.
    I work on Capitan and I appreciate your effort to offer an upgrade to DVD Hunter which I used frequently for several years (specially to check the status of all the DVD/BD that my 3 children borrow frequently and to chase them if needed!).
    I just installed Library Hunter 2 and imported my library without any problem (save the questions about reallocation of field names …)
    I have not still succeeded in adding a new movie with the “Autocomplete” which seems be be lacking ? It was THE main advantage of DVD Hunter so I hope it will be back soon!
    Other important functions not implemented so far: print lists, export (to spreadsheet).
    I have not tried iOS version and sync, at the moment.

    Thank you in advance for your effort (such as to continue to be considered as a “great man”, = bienfaiteur du genre humain in French) :-)

  7. Joël ha scritto:

    Thanks everybody for all your suggestions. All the feature that were present in first version of Library Hunter will be reintegrated soon on the new version.
    For Mac the next feature in pipeline is autocompletion for online sites.
    For iOS there are some UI feature in progress: search by title and author, change sort order and display element as a list

  8. Riker ha scritto:

    I cannot get sync to work. Disabled/enabled multiple times. Deleted apps from all devices and re-installed still no syncing.

    It is great to have an El Cap usable version again as this is my go to app.

    • Joël ha scritto:

      Can you see any error reported in the App?

      • Riker ha scritto:

        No errors ever pop up. When I uncheck the enable syncing box a confirmation box pops up but that is all. When I recheck the enable syncing box it stays check through multiple restarts. All the other functions of the apps are working fine they just don’t sync with one another. I even logged out of iCloud on all devices and logged back in.