Library Hunter Mac – 2.0 Beta 3


I’ve released a small update of Mac version with all the fixes and improvements of last months.

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3 reazioni a Library Hunter Mac – 2.0 Beta 3

  1. Christian ha scritto:

    Thanks a lot! But – why the window size isn’t saved? Every time I start the App, the window is in an small “standard-size” …

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Marcus Losbjer ha scritto:

    Great work! But I really miss the PDF and HTML export features! :/ Have you planned to implement them again?

  3. Kathrin ha scritto:

    Thank you very much for the update!
    What I am missing at the moment is the possibility to scan the code on the back of an DVD/book to import the necessary information within seconds as well as using Amazon etc. as search databases to import relevant data (which was possible with Book/DVD-Hunter). I would be happy to have these options back in Library Hunter! Thank you :-)