Library Hunter iOS – 2.0.1 Online


The updated version of Library Hunter for iOS is available on AppStore.

In this version:

  • fixed various crashes of App
  • resolved performances issues
  • inserted a crash reporting feature

From now on, when there is a crash of Library Hunter, you’ll have the possibility to anonymously submit the report. Please always submit the reports, I’ll be able to fix the problems much faster.

Download from App Store

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4 reazioni a Library Hunter iOS – 2.0.1 Online

  1. arkayspark ha scritto:

    Help! New hard drive. Can’t get DVD hunter or book hunter to open databases from Application support files.
    So downloaded Library Hunter. Got mac version to load, but can’t get Ipad version to load. Links to Dropbox but doesn’t load database!

    • Joel ha scritto:

      This is really strange… The dropbox sync is enabled on Mac too?
      You’ll need to finish the upload from Mac to dropbox to get the data on the iPad

      • arkayspark ha scritto:

        No, my Dropbox registers the event of linking to library hunter. In fact it does so over and over as the message in LH just loops around and I click it again. My Dropbox also lists an event when I make changes from library hunter. But no loading of data onto my ipad.

        Also how do I link /import into Library Hunter on my other computer?

        Or failing all of these..apart from the application support files where else does DVD Hunter or Book Hunter look to activate the database.. At least that was working before my computer died and a lot of my backups were corrupted

  2. Joel ha scritto:

    You can import the data on your other computer by activating the dropbox sync on it.

    ” In fact it does so over and over as the message in LH just loops around and I click it again” I’m sorry I can’t understand?

    If you’ve got your old database file from DVD and Book Hunter you can try to open them in the older software by changing where the library of software is located from the app settings