Library Hunter – Small Update and Import instructions


I’ve released a small update for Mac version of Library Hunter. There were some really annoying bug to fix:

  • crash when importing data from the Hunter Suite
  • drag and drop of medias (on list) works correctly

You can download the updated version right here.

Importing from Hunter Suite

Importing data from Hunter Suite can be a little bit tricky because the “Library” folder is hidden since Lion.

  1. Locate the database of the Hunter Suite you want to import. The default paths are
    DVD Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter/
    Book Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Book_Hunter/
    Game Hunter ~/Library/Application Support/Game_Hunter/
  2. Select the “Go to folder” command of Finder (Cmd + shift + G)
  3. Copy and paste your database path into the command window
  4. Right click on the database file and select “Open with…” Library Hunter