Library Hunter 2.0 (Finally Available)

After months… mmm… years of silence and useless progress news. There is a great news! Library Hunter is available!!! for both Mac and iOS :)

We’re not yet the 1st of April… So this can’t be an April fool’s day joke :p

Library Hunter -Main window Library Hunter - iPad Landscape

While planning and developing the software I’ve tried to listen to the most common request and complaints about Hunter Suite… You can check the full features of Library Hunter on the Mac and iOS pages.

I wrote Library Hunter from scratch. It’ll be easier to expand and support it in future.

Mac Version & App Store

The Mac isn’t on the App Store yet because it’s still a Beta. Not all features fit in this first release…
I’ve release it all the same because some good features are already available, the iOS version is ready and the Hunter Suite has got too many bugs…

System Requirements

  • iOS Version runs on all devices with iOS 6.0 or later
  • Mac Version runs on Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Mac iOS
Download App Download from App Store

If you have any suggestion or problem you can contact me by mail on Twitter and on Facebook.

I hope you’ll like the new software.

Thanks for your support (and patience) all these years.

Happy easter

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9 reazioni a Library Hunter 2.0 (Finally Available)

  1. Germany ha scritto:

    Unfortunatley I cant import my 500+ books from Bookhunter … :-(

  2. Germany ha scritto:


    I dont know, because LibraryHunter don’t give me any feedback or error.

    BUT: This here does the trick:

    It seems that my old BookHunter-Library had some “errors” in it. I dont notice it, because BookHunter works always perfect. The following worked for me:

    – Export the “old” Library in BookHunter as an Book Hunter Package
    – Create a new, empty Library in BookHunter
    – Import the created Package
    – Import the new created Library into LibraryHunter

    LibraryHunter looks good! Cant wait to get all my music in… :-)



  3. sujesmi ha scritto:


    thanks for this software, looks great from the first impressions :)

    Unfortunately, I get a crash each time I try to import my Game Hunter Library. Got a huge Crash report, the line which seems to be the most informative (at least to me :)) are these:

    “Application Specific Information:
    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** -[NSURL URLByAppendingPathComponent:]: component, components, or pathExtension cannot be nil.’
    terminate called throwing an exception
    abort() called”

    Ist there anything I can do about this? Or do you need any further information?

    Thanks in advance!!

  4. MC ha scritto:

    Hi! Happy Easter!

    I loved the idea when I saw you released it. DVD Hunter is my fave app and always wanted to do the same with my CDs.

    But. I miss the style and easy flow of DVD Hunter. I can’t even import my DVDs because apparently it doesn’t recognise the file…

    I really hope you will consider having the layout, or an option to, like DVD Hunter. Much like what you have done for the iPad. I love the cover flow view, its like browsing a shelf.

    Switching between Music, Movies etc (Why not called DVDs?) is rather annoying. I don’t need to see “Starring” on my CDs etc.

    Thanks for allowing Dropbox. Dropbox for me is more reliable and less of a pain, for me at least.

    I’ve stopped using the autocomplete a long time ago and don’t see myself using it for this one either. It was always incomplete, first names and surnames mixed up, which was tiring to fix, or would not know my DVD at all. I found it easier just to do it manually. I also have now started using my own pictures, insurance companies expect that if anything happens, I recently found out.

    I really love the idea, but I think for now I will only use it for my CD collection and (not that I could if I wanted to atm) keep on using DVD Hunter.

    Thank you, you have started to create something that will be brilliant eventually and I can’t wait.

    • Io sono. ha scritto:


      well … we should not forget that this is a Beta-Version 😉 So, for example, the Size of the App-Window is not saved … on every start, it’s the “old” size … a little bit annoying, but hey, Beta! 😉

      BTW: IMHO “Movies” is the right term … some of us collecting other Medias such as Blue-Rays, Laserdisc or even VHS-Tapes… 😉


      • MC ha scritto:


        “Thank you, you have started to create something that will be brilliant eventually and I can’t wait.”
        I’m well aware that its in beta, thats why I said I can’t wait…

        Oh, so movies are also: Documentaries, series, concerts etc.

        I too have other media, thats why in DVD Hunter I love the option to select said media.

        If we don’t suggest what we want the developers never know.

        • Joel ha scritto:

          “I too have other media, thats why in DVD Hunter I love the option to select said media.” I’m sorry but I can’t understand… You can specify the media on Library Hunter too.

          “If we don’t suggest what we want the developers never know.”
          I’m really happy to receive suggestion and feature request :)

      • Joel ha scritto:

        That’s really annoying. I’ll investigate why your window size isn’t saved.

        The DVD term is quite outdated right now… It wasn’t correct anymore :p