News, Facebook and survey


The mac version is coming along nicely. I’m quite satisfied about it :)

I’ve began the iOS version too, with working sync with Mac version. The iOS version will run on iOS 6 on all the devices.
The App will works on iOS 6 because there are a lot o new APIs, which will allow me to have a better UI and a faster software.

I’ve created the facebook page too JoelAres.Software

There is one last thing, I’m trying to optimize the UI for the most useful/common usage profile of Library Hunter. I need to know how many lists you’ve got in the Hunter Suite? You use them to organize all your movies & books in small group? Or you search the library and have only a few lists?

You can answer here in comment or on the survey published on the facebook page.


Happy Halloween.

Joël & Spooky

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4 reazioni a News, Facebook and survey

  1. Kay Dee ha scritto:

    Why only iOS6? Please consider supporting at least 5.1.1 as well. As long as there is no jailbreak for 6.x, a lot of active users will not upgrade.

    • Roland ha scritto:

      I understood that there are APIs on iOS 6 which weren’t on iOS 5 so it may be a lot more work to implement it for iOS 5.

  2. Joel ha scritto:

    I’m sorry but I’ll not be able to support iOS 5. There are a lot more feature and APIs in 6 that will allow me to have LIbrary Hunter with a much better and modern UI.

    I’ve updated the post, why I’m targeting only iOS 6 was missing

  3. Oscense ha scritto:

    Hi, I’ve got 15 lists (most are “smart lists”) to organize books by subject but searching the entire library is a good option too when I know the title of the book or a part of it.

    I like the pictures we can add so keep it like it please :)

    I might be wrong but the “classical” lists (green ones) aren’t viewable when syncing with iPhone.