Library Hunter: Why Dropbox and not iCloud?

You’re asking me frequently “why Library Hunter uses Dropbox instead of iCloud?”. I’ll try briefly to answer…

Library Hunter uses CoreData to managed the database.

CoreData’s sync over iCloud was announced at WWDC 2011, I was really excited about it. But the sync didn’t work, the APIs were too simple, the documentation non existent and the forum threads ignored…

At WWDC 2012 the sync of CoreData over iCloud was announced again. This year the API are much more complex, the sample code more detailed and the documentation exists. The sync worked but wasn’t reliable, too many changes were lost.

I was really annoyed by all the problems. The sync is an important feature for Library Hunter, so I decided to ignore iCould sync and develop a solution based on Dropbox. When iCloud will become reliable I’ll try to add it as an additional sync option.


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