Hunter Suite – Crash on Mavericks

Book, DVD and Game Hunter crashes on Mavericks. While on working on a fix, you can quickly avoid the problem by selecting the “Open in 32-bit mode” from the info window.

Library Hunter iOS – 2.1.1

Library Hunter iOS icon

Small update to fix some bugs: fixed bug when syncing preferences corrected a few UI problems optimized performances

Library Hunter Mac – 2.0 Beta 4


Fixed a freeze when changing the cover of a media with a slow internet connection. Joël

Library Hunter Mac – 2.0 Beta 3


Hi, I’ve released a small update of Mac version with all the fixes and improvements of last months. Joël

Library Hunter iOS – 2.1

Hi Version 2.1 of Library Hunter is available of App Store: choose the style of the media’s lists: Covers icons or List with the more important details sort the lists by Title, Author, Date Acquired or Last time used various bug fixes and general optimizations

Library Hunter – Mac 2.0 Beta 2

Hi, The first update of Mac version is available: New Cover layout A lot of improvement and bug-fixes I’ve not forgotten the iOS version of the App… The update will be published soon… Follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get news and preview of the updates If you’ve got … Continue reading

Library Hunter iOS – 2.0.1 Online

Hi, The updated version of Library Hunter for iOS is available on AppStore. In this version: fixed various crashes of App resolved performances issues inserted a crash reporting feature From now on, when there is a crash of Library Hunter, you’ll have the possibility to anonymously submit the report. Please … Continue reading

Library Hunter – Small Update and Import instructions

Hi, I’ve released a small update for Mac version of Library Hunter. There were some really annoying bug to fix: crash when importing data from the Hunter Suite drag and drop of medias (on list) works correctly You can download the updated version right here. Importing from Hunter Suite Importing … Continue reading

Library Hunter 2.0 (Finally Available)

After months… mmm… years of silence and useless progress news. There is a great news! Library Hunter is available!!! for both Mac and iOS We’re not yet the 1st of April… So this can’t be an April fool’s day joke :p While planning and developing the software I’ve tried to … Continue reading

News, Facebook and survey

Hi, The mac version is coming along nicely. I’m quite satisfied about it I’ve began the iOS version too, with working sync with Mac version. The iOS version will run on iOS 6 on all the devices. The App will works on iOS 6 because there are a lot o … Continue reading